Payroll - T4s, T4A's, T5's, ROE's...

MajestiQ Bookkeeping can advise the best solution to your payroll needs. We take into consideration the time it could take, the cost and the hassle-free workflow; to provide the best payroll solution to your business.  We can manage all up to help with remittance to the CRA as well and make sure your payments are scheduled timely to avoid penalties and interest charges. Year-end payroll work can be a tipping point for some business owners, do not worry we will help with everything.

How We Can Help You

While you will focus on the special needs of business, we will ensure you have a smooth and accurate way to process payroll making sure your employees are happy. Depending on the size, structure, and nature of the business we will set up workflows that help your payroll processing become hassle-free.

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Accounting System Architecture

The experienced and trusted team of MajestiQ Bookkeeping offers accurate, reliable, and timely bookkeeping, payroll and taxation services enabling organizations to reach their goals.

Why Choose Us?

By hiring our skilled taxation experts, you maintain a peaceful mind. At MajestiQ Bookkeeping, we gather all slips and documents and analyze your personal tax situation to ensure nothing is overlooked. Our proactive team provides clients with effective tax strategies and solutions so they can claim the maximum refund and minimize tax liability.

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