Why Should You Choose MajestiQ Bookkeeping?

Our Three-step Formula

Accounting Software

We offer a free consultation to get familiar with what type of accounting software package would best suite your business needs. This allows us and most importantly you to understand what is needed in the bookkeeping side of the business and how we can best manage your business with worry free processes. Once we establish the correct path to your success in accounting, we can start setting up your systems to tailor match the processes.

If you think that sticking to your existing accounting software is best, we can start the setup to start supporting you right away, or if you want a new way to streamline your processes, we can work together in a short time to make your bookkeeping tasks as easy as possible using the most advanced techniques.

Clean ups / Back Logs

Have you never done bookkeeping for your business?


Flooded with many receipts at your workplace that you are clueless about how to manage?


Have you been doing bookkeeping in the wrong way?


Relax! MajestiQ Bookkeeping will be happy to help you. We have been helping businesses manage paper messes over the years and to help them see what their financials looked like in the past and how they can do better for the future.


Out team supports business owners to fix past mistakes to make sure they are complaint and maintain accurate records. And ensure they do not fall back into habit of missing out on their records being updated and accurate, by providing the best bookkeeping solutions.

Starting a new business?

Figuring out how to get things moving is a challenging task. Want to get rid of it? Team MajestiQ is ready to serve you from the very start. We will help you at every stage, from business registration to tax preparation to filling. With our assistance, you will be able to sail through all the problematic areas of starting a business. Also, we will help you embrace the best bookkeeping techniques, so the foundation of our business is built strong.